August 2017

Moultonborough Falls…Where is That?

by The Laker

  By Suzanne Weidenheft In 1979, my husband accepted a position in Meredith, and so we left New Hampshire’s North Country, as it was called then, and set out for the Lakes Region. As this was long before the age of Google Maps, we unfolded a paper road map and perused the area for a […]

Local Wildlife Up Close at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

by The Laker

By Sarah Wright (photo of otter getting ready for daily feeding at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center; Science Ctr photo) One of my favorite places to take my kids is the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. It’s a walking trail and animal sanctuary rolled into one! Have you ever wondered what animals lurk in […]

Railroad Celebration in Laconia on August 19

by The Laker

A Railroad Celebration in Laconia on August 19 By Kathi Caldwell-Hopper (Photograph of a CP 1801 train pulling through the Laconia Passenger Station in 1951, with a young child experiencing the train going by. Image courtesy of R. Lewis. Digital restoration, Ron Visockis.) There was a time when people didn’t think twice upon hearing the […]

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