November 2017

White Mountain Painters – Capturing Nature’s Beauty

by The Laker

By Kathi Caldwell-Hopper Photo – example of scenic painting, artist unknown. Artists love beauty. Whether in summer or winter, whatever the location, if an artist responds to nature’s landscapes, he or she has a desire to interpret what they see in a creative medium, be it a drawing or painting or photograph. Over the years, […]

Get Festive at the Gingerbread House Jubilee

by The Laker

By Sarah Wright Photo courtesy Amy Knapp They call her “Gingerbread Amy” due to her passion for building gingerbread houses. Actually, Amy Knapp’s husband started calling her that when their home became overrun by the sweet constructions. Looking around at all those gingerbread houses gave Amy and her husband an idea. Amy’s husband, Geordy Hutchinson, […]

The Continuous Thanksgiving of NH’s Sarah Josepha Hale

by The Laker

By Barbara Neville Wilson Imagine having a new guest at this year’s Thanksgiving table. An older woman, with flawless skin and dark hair that belie the 80 odd years-old you know her to be. Before the blessing is said, everyone takes turns saying what they’re thankful for. “A good education,” says the group’s most recent […]

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