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Blues Brothers Next Generation Take the Bandstand July 30

Press Releases - July 26, 2011

For the third Saturday in a row, the Wolfeboro Community Bandstand summer concert series will be featuring a new act.

This act is one that is likely familiar in one way or another to many people. Blues Brothers Next Generation began as a school talent show entry for Kyle Turner (Elwood Blues) and Greg Dorfman (Joliet Jake Blues) back in 1996 and has taken off to become a full-blown 10-piece show band in the style of the classic “Blues Brothers” movie starring Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.

With the fan base growing for the duo, friend John D’Amico, who was often looked to as a performance coach, began teaching himself the harmonica and joined the band at the end of 1997 as the third brother, Zee Blues.

The threesome played many school and town events and added shows at weddings and fairs along the way, but the novelty of the kids singing to a background CD began to wear off. The trio went in search of a backup band and they were joined by a bass player, a keyboard player, a drummer and a lead guitar player, forming a group known as Soulhouse 7.

The band then decided to add a horn section and a saxophone, trumpet and trombone player were added and the name was changed to Blues Brothers Next Generation.

The band is currently traveling all around New Hampshire and New England performing and bringing that “Saturday Night Live” groove to numerous venues.

Stian Brinch is the band’s guitar player. He got his start by copying guitar parts he heard on albums from B.B. King, The Allman Brothers and many other bands of the 60s and 70s. He formed an Allman Brothers tribute band in the early 90s before hooking on with Blues Brothers Next Generation.

Rich Greenblatt is an Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music but also serves as the band’s vibraphonist, earning raves for his play alongside many talented artists.

Paul Ackerman can play many instruments, but the trombone is his constant companion. He made some forays into rock and roll, but took a 25-year hiatus in corporate America before returning to music with the Blues Brothers Next Generation.

Michael MacEachern plays bass for the band and was part of Brinch’s Allman Brothers tribute band in the early 1990s and currently plays bass for a number of cover bands, playing classic rock, along with newer genres of music.

Kyle Moffatt grew up in California before moving to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music and moving on to the New England Conservatory. He has studied under many musical luminaries and in addition to lending his sax talents to the band, he also composes and teaches sax lessons.

Kai Sorenson came from a very musical family and has found great success with his abilities throughout his life and is currently studying at Berklee College of Music and playing trumpet for BBNG.

Don Turcotte has been playing drums for more than 30 years and is at his best when the band starts to kick. He also adds vocal harmonies and contributes some drum solos along the way.

Blues Brothers Next Generation will make its stop in Wolfeboro on Saturday, July 30, as part of the Friends of the Wolfeboro Community Bandstand’s Saturday night concert series. The concerts are held every Saturday in July and August, weather permitting, from 7pm to 9pm. in Cate Park. The concerts are free to the public, but a pass-the-hat offering is collected at intermission to help support bringing quality acts to the bandstand each summer. 

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