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Drink Skinny of Tilton Provides Refreshing, All Natural Margarita Mixes to Enjoy

Christine Randall - January 25, 2011

After shoveling out following the two snowstorms this past week, I’m sure many people, including myself, have started to dream of escaping to somewhere warm and sunny, sipping a nice tropical drink and perhaps humming a tropical tune such as Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville.”  Well, if you can’t quite get away physically for a mid-winter escape vacation just yet, perhaps just sipping a tasty margarita will at least come close, and here in the Lakes Region, a small new company is becoming known for their all-natural, low calorie margarita mixes.

Drink Skinny, based in Tilton, just started selling their all natural margarita mixes in stores as well as online this past June, and now their mixes can be found in over 50 locations throughout the state, including a number of New Hampshire State Liquor stores.  Currently, there are two different varieties of the mix, the original lime flavored and a newer pineapple-mango flavored.  Both types of mix are made with real fruit juices and natural sweeteners, such as stevia and agave nectar, and neither uses high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors.  And maybe the best news is, if you are watching your waistline, these two mixes contain only 20 and 30 calories per serving, respectively.

According to Steven Cegelski, who along with his wife Christy is the co-owner and developer of Drink Skinny Margarita Mixes, the idea for the margarita mix came about after a vacation in Cancun.

“We finally experienced great tasting margaritas while vacationing in Cancun, but when we returned, we couldn’t find a good mix back here at home,” explains Steven.  “Plus, all the mixes we tried used high fructose corn syrup and had about 500 calories, as well as artificial sweeteners and flavors, and we didn’t want that.  So we began trying to create our own recipes using natural ingredients that would have only a limited number of calories.

“After a few months of tweaking our recipes, we came up with a 20 calorie mix that contained all natural juices and sweeteners,” says Steven, “and by June of 2010, we had our first products available commercially.”

Drink Skinny Margarita Mixes are currently available at a number of stores in and around the Lakes Region, including the Wine’ing Butcher in both Meredith and Gilford; Peppercorn Natural Foods and Chase Street Market in Plymouth; the Holderness General Store; Sunflower Natural Foods in Laconia; the New Hampshire Country Store in Chocorua; the Abbey Cellars in Lincoln; and Gourmet Garden in New London, as well as the Hannah Grimes Marketplace in Keene and Granite State Natural Foods in Concord.  You can also purchase the mixes online at

According to their website, the Cegelskis also donate about 10% of the profits from Drink Skinny sales to “organizations that help make the world a better place.”

For more information about Drink Skinny Margarita Mixes or to contact the company, log on to or email, or you can call (603) 729-0082. 

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