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Ferber Unveils New Work at Wolfeboro Gallery Show

Press Releases - July 29, 2010

Join The Art Place in downtown Wolfeboro as featured artist Peter Ferber unveils new work at his Gallery Show and reception.

“If you’ve never met the artist Peter Ferber,” says gallery owner Barbara Gibbs, “then this is a good opportunity to do so. He is a warm, generous, and good-natured man who is gracious about his abilities.  In his lifestyle, Peter is concerned about preservation and the history of the region.  He confirms this through his paintings by depicting historical and nostalgic images — lovingly executed.  He seeks out hidden locations around the region and by painting them, allows the viewer to share this place frozen in time, forever preserving nature through his art.”

Peter remarks of his show, “The best paintings are often the unplanned ones that surprise you.  That’s the case with the featured piece debuting as a print at this summer’s show. It’s a view from the Goodhue and Hawkins Navy Yard looking across the bay to Wolfeboro.  I had gone there one spring evening to photograph another subject but it turned out that this was the scene I was meant to paint instead.  The grouping of sailboats still in their cradles on the wharf provided an interesting frame for the single moored boat, and the town lit by the setting sun.  It calls to mind the seafaring feel of a Maine coast boatyard, but right here  on the Lake.”

The painting for this year’s New Hampshire Lakes Association poster will also be available at the show.  It is a large oil painting showing an island campsite at sunset.  Set on Little Whortleberry Island with Mt. Shaw in the background, the scene evokes the character of the lake when canoes were one of the predominant pleasure crafts.  The idea evolved from Ferber’s own camping experiences on unoccupied islands not nearly that long ago. “Our wonderful lake environment continues to satisfy my soul and is a generous muse to inspire more paintings.  So, cottages, porches, docks and boathouses are prominent themes again, along with pine tree silhouetted points and little beaches hidden among the granite strewn  
shores.  I’ve been making frequent use of my watercolor glazing technique that gives the paintings a warm patina perfect for conveying the feel of the old cottages and boathouses in particular.  I then can ‘wash out’ the sunlit highlights that bring sparkle and depth,” says Ferber.

The artist goes on to say, “One departure in the show is a painting I’ve wanted to do for many years of the 200 year old East Alton Meetinghouse in our Gilman’s Corner neighborhood.  It is going to be reproduced as part of a series of note cards as a fundraiser for its  maintenance and restoration.  I’ve adopted the American primitive style of painting to create a winter scene of meetinghouse with a horse-drawn sleigh and families coming to a Christmas service, as they would have done 150 years ago.  It is admittedly over-romanticized, but that’s what makes our memories inspire us. I had great fun exploring this new approach to painting, and I hope others will respond to it as I did.”

Since 1994 Peter Ferber has painted the official posters for the New England Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society’s annual show. Peter has exhibited in over 35 shows in New England and the Midwest. More than 70 reproductions of his work have been made, including over 50 limited edition prints. His illustrations have appeared in national magazines, including Yankee, Antiques, and Connoisseur; and a number of books including a retrospective of the poetry and prose of Doris Peel, entitled Journey To A New Day, and a children’s book written by his wife, Jeannie Ferber, entitled The Tails of Quince and Flute in Semer Wood.

Ferber’s show will continue through August 20.  The Art Place is located at 9 North Main Street, downtown Wolfeboro. For more information call 569-6159 or toll free 866 569-6159. 

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