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Lakes Region Ice Cream Tour

Kathi Caldwell-Hopper - May 19, 2014

Ice Cream

Ice Cream!

There are times when the job of writing for The Laker can be downright delicious. What other job allows one to sample cool, tasty ice cream in flavors ranging from caramel to coconut to raspberry truffle to more standard (yet delicious flavors) such as chocolate or strawberry?

The Lakes Region is blessed with some truly great ice cream shops that serve up homemade ice cream in an ever-expanding variety of flavors. A recent tour of the area netted many ice cream locations; each is a bit different and each offers some tasty treats.

In the Newfound Region, the Newfound Creamery, which opened last July to rave reviews, has a long list of featured ice cream flavors. The ice cream is made at a dairy farm in Rhode Island and is extremely popular with those who sample the 28 to 30 flavors available at any given time.

“The most popular flavors are the Brownie Batter and the Birthday Cake ice creams,” said one of the servers. “We also have some incredible gelatos, such as the Apple Caramel Crisp and Maple Ginger Snap.”

Along with the homemade ice cream and the gelatos and sorbets at Newfound Creamery, this year the eatery will be offering sandwiches, soups, salads, and wraps as well as baked goods. The Newfound Creamery is located at 11 Hobart Street, off Route 3-A near Newfound Lake in Bristol.

For a real ice cream/sundae treat, Kellerhaus on Route 3 in Weirs Beach just cannot be rivaled. The ice cream is homemade on-site (along with a huge variety of candies). The ice cream smorgasbord offers a buffet of toppings, from caramel to hot fudge to strawberries, pineapple, marshmallow, whipped cream, and nuts.

Visitors start at the ice cream area where they can choose the flavor(s) they wish. After the server scoops the ice cream, it’s on to the self-serve topping bar for as many or as few sauces and other toppings as one wishes. (Those who do not opt for a sundae can order an ice cream cone.)

Kellerhaus offers charming café seating with delightful views. It is a wonderful place to visit; after indulging in Kellerhaus ice cream, plan to spend some time checking out the candy store and the many gift shop items. Call 603-366-4466 for details.

Two decades ago, a new ice cream business took the Lakes Region by storm. The family-run ice cream shop, Jordan’s Ice Creamery, is now in its 20th year of creating delicious homemade ice cream. The Jordan family makes many flavors of homemade ice cream, frozen yogurts, and sugar-free options.

Located on Route 106 in Belmont, Jordan’s has standard as well as new ice cream flavors. The Raspberry Truffle has been a long-time favorite with many customers due to its creamy raspberry ice cream loaded with large chunks of chocolate truffles with raspberry filling. According to the shop’s Facebook page, new flavors include Red Velvet with homemade cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips; coffee fudge swirl with coffee ice cream; chocolate swirl and Oreo pieces; and chocolate Grand Marnier with chocolate ice cream and Grand Marnier flavoring.

It seems the Jordan family is always dreaming up a new flavor as well as offering ice cream novelties at a variety of locations around the Lakes Region. (Also available in other stores are half gallons, quarts, and pints. All ice cream is homemade in the shop from Jordan family recipes.)

Says owner Craig Jordan, “I made a bunch of new flavors just the other day. Our fans voted for a name of a new ice cream: Waffle Nutter Swirl. I would say an all-time customer favorite is Salted Caramel Crunch — I can’t make it fast enough! Cookie Monster is also popular.”

No visit to the Lakes Region is complete without a stop at Sawyer’s Dairy Bar and Ice Cream at 1933 Lake Shore Road in Gilford. Customers return year after year for the homemade ice cream in a huge variety of flavors (more than 40 from which to choose).

Along with such tasty ice cream flavors as Gingersnap Molasses, Coconut Caramel Chip, Peach, and Rum Raisin, Sawyer’s also features delicious and cooling sherberts, sorbets, and yogurt. (Some flavors change weekly.) As well as ice cream cones, the eatery offers frappes, milk shakes, sundaes, blizzards, and much more.

If you are visiting Wolfeboro, you will find there is a lot to do, from shopping to boating to taking the bike/walking paths, to name just a few of the activities in the area. No visit is complete without a stop at Bailey’s Bubble, a tiny but oh-so-delicious ice cream shop on Railroad Avenue in the downtown area.

Repeat visitors know the Bailey family name; they ran a very successful restaurant in the town for many years. These days, Bailey’s Bubble offers tasty ice cream in a variety of flavors. The sundaes are popular, made with the Bailey family’s homemade sauces such as penuche and hot fudge. Other treats include banana splits, frappes, ice cream sodas, and floats.

If you want ice cream that goes far beyond vanilla and chocolate and strawberry, it’s worth the drive to Bobby-Sues Ice Cream, located at Route 153/70 Eaton Road in Freedom. Bobby-Sues is a great place to sit and enjoy one or more of their incredible flavors of homemade ice cream.

Ken Dumas makes all the ice creams at Bobby-Sues and is known for his delicious ice cream and unusual flavor concoctions.

“I make the ice cream on premises,” says Ken. “I love to make unusual flavors, and we listen to what customers request and try to come up with the flavors they want.”

Where else can ice cream lovers get Indian Pudding ice cream? Or how about Ginger, made with candied ginger, and Banana Cream Pie made with real bananas and pieces of pie crust? Or the popular Coffee Heath Bar or the many tasty flavors, from standard chocolate or vanilla to the new flavors (about 42 of them , including yogurts, sherbet, and sorbets) that keep ice cream-lovers coming back again and again?

Shibley’s Drive In, located at 15 Mount Major Highway in Alton Bay, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The ice cream location is in the heart of busy Alton Bay and, open daily, it is a must-visit place for boaters and vacationers as well as locals.

Both hard- and soft-serve ice cream are offered at Shibleys. There are 30 flavors of soft-serve and approximately 40 hard-serve flavors and yogurts, and a few no-sugar-added ice cream options. Diners also can order a variety of hamburgers, sandwiches, and seafood, and much more.

If you love the idea of ice cream being made right at the dairy farm, a drive to the Sandwich Creamery is a must. Located on Hannah Road in North Sandwich, the Sandwich Creamery has been making ice cream for an eager public for about nine years.

Says Tom Merriman, who makes the ice cream and operates the creamery, “I have about 36 flavors of ice cream, made right here. This includes sorbets, as well as traditional homemade ice cream.”

This isn’t an ice cream stand, but rather a place in a beautiful country location where one can purchase ice cream in pints and quarts right at the farm. Locals, as well as those from other areas, are willing and happy to drive to Sandwich to get the ice cream, which many say is among the area’s best.

“I make Ginger, and a flavor called Cow Tracks,” Tom said. “I also have Birch Bark, Black Raspberry, and Maple Walnut made with real maple syrup, among other flavors. Last year, we started making S’mores ice cream with graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate; it’s very popular. Also new is Tipsy Turtle with a chocolate base, pecans, and chocolate caramel cups. A new flavor this year is Sea Salt Caramel.”

If you can’t make it to the Sandwich Creamery, you can purchase the ice cream at E.M. Heath’s Supermarket in Center Harbor or at Moulton Farm in Meredith. It also is available in Wolfeboro at Hunter’s IGA. It is scooped at Seven Sons Coffee in Wolfeboro. There are other locations as well; see

To reach Sandwich Creamery, take Route 113-A in North Sandwich and look for the Sandwich Creamery signs; or call 603-284-6675.

This is only a sampling of the many great ice cream spots in the Lakes Region. Let us know your favorite ice cream stand by emailing

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