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Nine on Nine: Megan Fichter – Camping and Fun

Kathi Caldwell-Hopper - May 11, 2011

Megan Fichter is Community Program Coordinator at the YMCA of Greater Boston Camping Services in Mirror Lake, NH. The job, however, is a lot more than coordinating camping services. On any given day, Megan may be booking a wedding at the new Todaro Leadership Center or running a program for children or doing outreach into the community. The never-a-dull-moment aspect of the job is exactly what she loves about her position.

1. How long have you lived in the Lakes Region?

Megan: “I grew up in Tuftonboro and now live in Wolfeboro. I have been a resident of the Lakes Region all my life.”

2. How long have you been at the YMCA?

Megan: “I have been at the job about seven years. As Community Program Coordinator I wear many hats. For example, right now I am working in the Wolfeboro community in a program to counterbalance childhood obesity. I do holiday day camps at Christmas and Thanksgiving. I am the director of the Laughing Loon Day Camp and I do a lot with all our camps.”

3. What kind of people stay at the various camps?

Megan: “Our Sandy Island Family Camp has been around 115 years. The families who come here return year after year. Those families grew up together summering here. The children’s camps – Northwoods and Pleasant Valley – see lots of kids from all over, such as New England, Canada, France, Spain and other countries. Camp Northwoods is a boy’s camp and it is 82 years old. Pleasant Valley Camp is for girls and it has been around for 42 years.”

4. Can you describe what makes your job fun?

Megan: “It’s the variety. I certainly never get bored! I do fundraising for camper scholarships, adult dodge ball, a community yard sale, and I book rentals for groups and weddings. I love it because it’s a lot of different jobs and it is very busy in the summer. When I am tired of being inside at my desk, I can go outside for an activity.”

5. What is your background?

Megan: “I went to high school at Kingswood in Wolfeboro and I graduated from Keene State College in 2004 with a degree in studio arts and elementary education. I grew up in Tuftonboro.”

6. What do you think brings vacationers back to the Lakes Region?

Megan: “It’s a tradition for many people. They love the lake and the quaint towns.”

7. What do you think makes the area so special?

Megan: “I like everything about the Lakes Region, except maybe the springtime pot holes in the roads and the black flies! I love the lake and the changing seasons.”

8. In your opinion, what will the Lakes Region be like 10 years from now?

Megan: “I think it will grow more and tourism will continue to flourish. We will see more youth programs and more construction such as the recent addition at Kingswood High School.”

9. What are your plans for the future?

Megan: “I plan to stay in the area. I own a house in Wolfeboro; I am married and we love it here.” 

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