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Personalize Your clothing and Gear from GetawayWear

Christine Randall - June 28, 2011

The online company was established in 2009, and owner Donna Figler explains the concept behind the formation of GetawayWear®. “GetawayWear® was born to be all about one’s getaway,” she says, “the place that you go to decompress and kick back. It’s all about quality wear and gear personalized for YOUR getaway. That can be a boat, a beach, a house, a destination, whatever you want! We’ve created one-of-a kind designs that you choose from to personalize your GetawayWear®.”

For Donna, establishing GetawayWear® was the culmination of many years of hard work spent in the retail industry.  “I had spent my entire adult life in retail, starting at Bradlees and ending at Staples,” she explains.  “I worked in many areas, from seasonal to house wares, from electronics to furniture. I was the first inventory and planning employee hired for the branch when it was launched.  I learned a lot about online businesses from my experience.  My husband has also been in retail his entire adult life, so I guess you can say it’s in our blood! This business is presently a solo business, but one that I am enjoying more than any corporate job I’ve ever had.”

At GetawayWear®, you can find a wide selection of items to choose from for your own getaway, to give as gifts to a generous host, or celebrate a special get-together.  Clothing, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, raincoats, jackets, lounge and pajama pants, and even chef’s aprons can all be personalized, as well as items such as towels, bags, coasters, and foam coolers for your boat, cabin, and beach house.

Donna notes that her products are personalized with embroidery, water-based screen printing, digital transfers, and even “bling.”

“GetawayWear® offers both quality clothing and gear, such as bags, coolers, koozies, towels – all things that we can personalize,” she says.  “Most of our products are embroidered, but we do offer water-based screen printing and digital transfers, and just recently we started offering “bling” (aka, rhinestones) of all the towns surrounding Winnipesaukee, as well as some other local towns and lakes such as Squam.

“We are a full service company,” Donna continues.  “We have worked with customers to create designs for their GetawayWear®. We’ve also created our own line of designs that we use for items such as our Ultimate Boat Packages. I digitize in-house and stitch right in-house. We work with some quality partners to create some of our mediums such as digital transfers and rhinestone transfers.”

GetawayWear® doesn’t just focus its energy on the summer season, however.  “I offer products for all seasons,” say Donna.  “In the winter, I was working on fleece jackets, blankets, sweatshirts and winter hats. Now we are into baseball hats, boat packages, and beach towels. It really is season-driven.”

In addition, the company can provide personalization on products and clothing for fundraisers, schools, municipalities, and other organizations. “Born out of GetawayWear®, we have two other websites, FigWear and MoultonboroughWear” Donna says. “FigWear was created in early 2010 for our customers who had requests for ad hoc personalization services that were not GetawayWear®-related, such as company logos, charity events, schools, gifts, etc.

“MoultonboroughWear was born last year as we worked with the local PTA. As most schools do, the Moultonborough schools offered their SpiritWear once a year, in the fall. We saw an opportunity for the school to allow students and their families to purchase SpiritWear year-round online. This took the burden off the PTA as we managed the process for them. We also offer town wear on this site.”

Although GetawayWear® is primarily an online business, you can find some of their products at Yikes in Center Harbor, and Donna is hoping to increase the number of commercial venues.  “We’ve talked to some other local merchants to get GetawayWear® in front of more customers,” Donna says.  “Someday, I’d love to have GetawayWear® be a brand that people look for.”

Donna notes that the typical GetawayWear® customer is someone who is interested in finding something unique for themselves or to use as a gift. “Our customers are people who are looking for things they may not be able to find elsewhere, quality goods that can show off the name of their getaway, or gifts to use as a thank you for a visit to a lake house or for a day on a boat,” Donna says.  “At GetawayWear®, we haven’t any minimum requirements for orders, and our turn-around times are pretty quick.  Most importantly, you ALWAYS get to speak to a human when you call GetawayWear® – me!”

For more information about GetawayWear®, you can call Donna at 677-1365 or log on to

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