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Why Fall Foliage in the Lakes Region is Fabulous

Press Releases - October 1, 2012

In autumn, it seems like the best place to view the leaves in the United States is New England, and many would say that the best place for fall foliage in New England is New Hampshire. And why is that?

Well, let’s see. Within New Hampshire there are hills and mountains that provide bird’s eye views of every warm fall color. In the Lakes Region, the water serves as a mirror to amplify the colors and the waterfalls and rivers to provide a delightful soundtrack. There are miles of unaltered nature with areas for picnicking, hiking, and wildlife-observing as well as regular tourist spots, which are less crowded in the fall than in the summer. There are small towns with small-town traditions, such as fall fairs, parades, and festivals. On top of all this, New Hampshire has no sales tax – which is another incentive for tourists to flock to the region!

New Hampshire has been called the epitome of New England beauty, and really, the reasons for this are simple. According to the University of New Hampshire, there are approximately 70 native species of trees in New Hampshire, including birch, maple, hickory, aspen, and other trees whose leaves turn in fall. Perhaps what sets New England apart, however, is the variety of coniferous trees native to the East and Northeast regions of the United States, like pines and fir, which stay green all year. This contrast supplies the splashes of green that enhance the warm color palette of the leaves and to interest the eye. This annual metamorphosis of New Hampshire leaves mixed with the perennial verdant evergreens has been known to inspire artists and awe spectators from all over the world.

One way to enjoy the foliage is the scenic driving routes, train rides, boat cruises, and biplane tours within New Hampshire, which provide travelers with plenty of photo-ops, including ones where subjects appear to be “on top of the world” with the beautiful mountain vistas in the background, and candid photos of nature that could win photography competitions worldwide.

The most famous of driving options is the Kancamagus Highway, which meanders through the White Mountains and the White Mountain National Forest from Lincoln to Conway.

Another favorite is the Lakes Loop, which takes the driver(s) around the stunning lakes that draw tourists to the region year after year.

These driving routes give tourists opportunities to view New Hampshire’s beautiful wildlife as well. A few tourist favorites for wildlife include moose for their size, and wild turkeys for their plumage and their notable gobble! And, once you hear the haunting call of the loon, you’ll understand the lure of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region.

In New Hampshire, the weather doesn’t affect a person’s ability to search for a glimpse of wildlife and to enjoy the autumn scenery. Whether there is an expansive, surrounding blue sky, or there are clouds and mists to hover over the tops of the mountains, visitors are bound to witness spectacular sights and gain memories that will last a lifetime. Avid hikers enjoy these views from popular hiking destinations like Mt. Major, which overlooks Alton Bay on Winnipesaukee. When topping a crest near dusk at the end of a beautiful autumn day, it might be difficult to discern the sunset sky from the vibrant colors of the leaves on the surrounding peaks.

The driving loop around Lake Winnipesaukee offers the full package of the New Hampshire experience, combining impressive mountain views, dense tree-laden hillsides, and lake views at every turn.

The newest way tourists and locals alike seem to be taking in the beauty of New Hampshire is through ziplining. One might not think of this as a way to observe nature, per se, but the activity is gaining popularity with thrill-seekers and nature buffs alike. There are some half dozen zipline adventures in the Lakes Region, including Gunstock Mountain, where participants not only get a beautiful view from inside the forest, but they also feel the adrenaline rush of rapidly descending through the trees.

The New Hampshire Lakes Region, in particular, provides the best of both worlds: the natural and the civilized. The nature includes New Hampshire’s 273 lakes and ponds, including the famous Lake Winnipesaukee, and multiple natural platforms on which to view them, whether they be a mountain side or a mountain summit.

Modern day shoppers also love the antique shopping trails that meander through the area. In fact, though those who don’t know the state might view New Hampshire as a big forest, but there are actually close to 100 communities and more than 400 businesses in central New Hampshire, including area attractions, restaurants, retail establishments, and accommodations.

With all this, the New Hampshire Lakes Region could be said to be the best of the best of autumn tourist destinations: the best foliage state within the best foliage region. So, grab a sweater and your camera, because it’s “leaf peeping” time in New Hampshire!

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