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9 on 9: The Wolfman’s World

Kathi Caldwell-Hopper - September 7, 2011

As long as there have been visitors to Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln, there have been rumors of wild men dressed in animal hides lurking in the woods. If you take the White Mt. Central Railroad at Clark’s, you’ll have a lovely, peaceful ride through the forest…until the meanest, scariest guy in the forest comes out and chases the train with his rusted jalopy. Never fear, it’s just the Wolfman protecting his land. We caught up with the Wolfman by invading his mountain hideout. He wasn’t too happy to be disturbed, but he said he would forgive us as long as we let him speak about his life and philosophies for this Laker column.


1. How long have you lived in the Lincoln area and how long have you been at Clarks as the Wolfman?

Wolfman: “I hav livd in Linkn and have garded the mine fur 3 years cince Bill passed the baton 2 me.”


2. Can you describe your job, because it is quite unlike any other we know of!

Wolfman: “My job/responsabilitee is to stop the trane frum truspassin int2 the woodland and keep the inhabatints saf and gard the mine.”


3. Why did you decide to do such a daring job, vs. more traditional work?

Wolfman: “I think cuz the woodland needz me and I lik challenjez.”


4. What’s it like being the Wolfman?

Wolfman: “Wurdz kant daskribe it!”


5. Why do so many people – kids especially – love to be scared byyour character?

Wolfman: “Cuz thay uze 2 much sope!”


6. What are your favorite Lakes Region and/or White Mt. views and/or favorite scenic locations?

Wolfman: “I don’t leeve the woodland much…that soots me jus fine.”


7. What special training do you have to have for your job?

Wolfman: “Commin sents n love for winkin’, blinkin’ finger pointing weezls/kids n the abilitee to bee afeerd.”


8. What do you think makes the area so special and what do you think will be different in the Lakes Region/White Mts. 10 years from now?

Wolfman: “Specul cuz of cleen air. Ten yeer from now hopefulee the trane will stop truspassin!”


9. Anyone who has seen you in action as the Wolfman wonders what the heck you do while waiting in the woods for the next train to come by?

Wolfman: “I feed my frenz and entertaine segamite. (Definitun of Segamites: (Nown) Hoedags on slugways)”


10. What is your all-time favorite movie; we bet it’s something to do with men turning into wolves!

Wolfman: “My favurit’s The Wolfman , 1941 with Claud Raines.”


11. Why do you think people continue to come back to Clarks and love the Wolfman year after year?

Wolfman: “Cuz deeep in thare harts theay kno he iz onlee dowing hiz civic dutee az protekta of the woodland.”


12. Tell me about the car you drive while being the Wolfman. How old is it, the make of the car, and frankly, how do you keep that old car running?!

Wolfman: “The kar iz an overland Wippet a 1940s vintige race kar. I kant take credit for manetainants.”


13. Does the Wolfman brings his own lunch to work or does he go to the hamburger stand at Clarks? (What does a Wolfman eat anyway?)

Wolfman: “The Wolfman/Canis Lupis Sapien iz fed bye the enginear. He nose the Wolfman onarabl and haz a soft hart.”


14. What is your background/are you trained in acting?

Wolfman: “What you kall ackting iz reely self prezavation.”


15. Future plans for you either in character as the Wolfman or when not being the Wolfman?

Wolfman: “Mam the Wolfman iz no act – the Wolfman iz an ikon! I will protkt the woodland and mine till I fall and kant get up agen and hopefulee bee indoktranated int2 the Wolfman Hall of Fame. Thank u 4 yur intrest in the Wolfman’s wurld.” 

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