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You’re Invited to Explore Moulton Farm

The Laker - June 12, 2012

In an effort to more closely connect people with the food they eat Moulton Farm in Meredith is offering a number of events this summer for adults and children.

“Despite the popularity of locally grown foods, many people don’t know how those foods are grown,” says John Moulton, owner of the farm that’s been actively producing food since the 1890’s. A former teacher and strongly committed to the future of agriculture, Moulton started a program a few years ago to introduce young children to how food grows. “Our ‘Little Sprouts’ program has been a success, but we realized many adults had questions too.”

As a result, the farm will be offering programs this year for adults, young children and older children. According to Moulton, “This is really the community’s farm and it’s important that people understand how their food is grown. The massive, often detrimental, changes in agriculture over the past 30 years have many ramifications for our health, the economy, and the environment.”

For adults and older teens, the farm is offering a free series called “Farm Walks and Talks” giving a behind the scenes look at the farm and the practices used on it. “It’ll be a real life view of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of farming,” explains Moulton. “Of course, we hope to show more triumphs, but this is farming. Nature and pests always challenge us. It’s how we react that’s important for the food we grow, our staff and customers, and the future generations that will use this soil.”

The Farm Walk and Talk series starts on June 12, and will be on the second and fourth Tuesdays through September 11. In addition to walks in the fields, some sessions will feature special activities. Sessions start at the farm stand at 6pm and last approximately one hour. The events are rain or shine and sturdy footwear is strongly suggested. “Join us one time, several times, or for every session,” invites Moulton. “You’ll see something different every time as the farm is always changing. “

In addition to the Farm Walk and Talk series, the farm is offering two programs for children.  Through the “Little Sprouts” program children ages 5 through 9 will help plant, maintain, and harvest a vegetable garden. As part of the once a month Wednesday morning sessions, children learn about gardening methods, bugs, worms, watering, and sun.  There is a small fee for the program and advanced sign up is strongly recommended. Children can attend one session or multiple sessions.  The first session starts on June 27.

For the first time the farm is also offering “Big Sprouts”, an in depth look into food, farming, and sustainable growing practices for children ages 10 through 15. The same program will be offered on July 17 and August 7, from 2pm to 4pm. There is a small fee for each child with discounts for multiple children. Advanced registration is required.

Additional information about these programs is available by calling the farm at 279-3915, or on the farm’s website at Information will also be posted on Facebook at 

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