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Zipping Fun for Everyone, Even Mom!

Kathi Caldwell-Hopper - July 30, 2012

Mothers and adult daughters have traditionally gone shopping together, met for a relaxed lunch or taken in a movie or play as social outings. It’s fun to get together with Mom, no matter what time of year it might be.

Some mothers, however, are always up for a new adventure and getting together with their daughters go way beyond a quiet lunch and an afternoon of shopping.

Just ask Carolyn Scattergood of Gilford, what she and her daughter, Debbie Clough, did for fun this summer and the answer might surprise you.

“We did the new ZipTour Ziplines at Gunstock and my mom was so excited she’s been telling everyone about it!” laughs Debbie.

Carolyn, who has no problem with letting anyone know she is 71 years young, had little hesitation about zipping down the mountain on the Zip Tour that has become wildly poplar at Gunstock. “I’ve been reading about the construction of the zip line in the newspapers,” Carolyn explains. “And a good friend of mine, Wendy Barrett, is a fellow Rotary member and also works at Gunstock. She’s been telling me about all the activity at Gunstock, including the ZipTour.”

Never one to shy away from an activity that might be fun, as well as new, Carolyn had previously been on a zip line in another town five years ago. “I took my grandchildren and liked the experience. So I was aware of what a zip line was like, but I have to say the one at Gunstock is the most exciting. It’s a lot longer and faster and is just a wonderful experience!”

Debbie had planned to do the ZipTour when she arrived for her annual summer stay in Gilford (she lives in Massachusetts and summers in Gilford). “I have had season ski passes at Gunstock for years. Gunstock was offering a special if you purchased ski passes by a certain date, you got passes for the Alpine Adventure, the Segway Tour or the ZipTour. I knew I wanted to try the ZipTour. My mother was happy to do it with me,” says Debbie.

The mother and daughter duo did the ZipTour in late June after Debbie arrived for the summer. It was a clear, beautiful weekday and while Carolyn expected Gunstock to be quiet midweek, she was surprised to find the place a hive of activity due to all activity at the resort offers in the summer.

“We reserved our ZipTour visit ahead of time; they are busy with camps and other groups, so calling ahead is a good idea,” Carolyn advises. “I was a bit nervous but very excited,” she goes on to say. “I wasn’t nervous about actually doing the ZipTour, but I wasn’t sure how high up and how fast it would be. I found it was exhilarating and a view to die for from the top!”

Debbie, who regularly skis Gunstock, was familiar with the spectacular views from the top. “I was aware of the ZipTour because I saw people doing it when I was skiing in the winter. The view was still beautiful even though I’ve seen it before when skiing.”

Carolyn is happy to share her ZipTour experience to help others decide to give it a try. “When we arrived, we signed a waiver and then we were equipped with a harness and other gear. We had a short training session to give us a chance to feel the release lever and what it is like to sit back in a harness.”

A second zip area is a short ride but gives guests the exhilaration of what going down and braking will be like. “After that,” Carolyn continues, “It’s a ride up the chairlift to the top. One small zip takes guests to the main zip line. The second zip is the longest and it’s wonderful!”

To reach the second zip, visitors climb a circular staircase to a platform. “You see the entire lake and it’s magnificent! The ZipTour is done in tandem so my daughter and I could enjoy going down together,” Carolyn adds.

Debbie says that her mother decided if it were not too difficult, she would go down fast without stopping on the way.

“I just went sailing down!” Carolyn laughs as she recalls the trip over the treetops and down, down, down. “I am told people like to stop at points and take photos but I wanted the exhilaration of going fast. There was a bit of wind but otherwise it was all clear.”

When asked about the experience and the view, Debbie says, “Honestly, when I was going down I wasn’t so much looking at the view as I was just experiencing the ride. It’s very exciting. I was looking at the treetops and where we would be going.”

Carolyn was aware of the view and comments, “It was beautiful. The lake, the island and the mountains were wonderful and on a clear day you can see all the way to Mount Washington. I would say it’s more spectacular than the view from on top of Mount Major, and that’s a great view!”

When asked if she would do it again, Carolyn says, “Absolutely! In fact, I am planning to do the ZipTour again as soon as I can get the family all together. My grandson wants to try it.”

She adds, “I haven’t been to Gunstock in the summer for quite some time. I was astounded by all the activity there. Of course, there are always campers there in the summer, but we saw paddleboats on the pond, a volleyball game going on, Segways being used. The place was very busy and everyone was having fun.”

The ZipTour Ziplines at Gunstock are far from the typical mother/daughter day out, but as more people experience the fun to be had on the mountain it’s sure to be a must-do activity for adult daughters and moms, who like Carolyn, have no plans to slow down.

It is advised that those who want to enjoy the ZipTour or other activities at Gunstock call ahead to reserve at 737-4388. 

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