Melvin Village Marina

Melvin Village Marina, Yesterday and Today

Melvin Village Marina, Yesterday and Today

From Old White House With Attached Barn to New Ventures

By Rosalie Triolo

Photos courtesy of Kevin Dubia

Beginnings: Bob Moulton Sr. and his wife, Priscilla, in 1955 purchased the old white house with attached barn next to the Willing Workers Hall on Rt. 109 in Melvin Village. Bob drove a school bus and operated a laundromat located in the building behind the Willing Workers Hall. At that time, a man named Mr. Brigden, needing a place for the summer to park his car and launch his boat, and a place in winter to store his boat, made a deal with Bob Moulton. In the 1960s a channel was dredged into Melvin Bay and the first half of the docks were built. Selling Mercury outboard motors and renting dock spaces, Moulton started the beginnings of a boat business. 

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