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Covers Route 16 and the Scenic Byways of Rtes. 25, 28, 108, 113, 125, 153 & 171.

Along Route 16 is a celebration of the Eastern Lakes and Mountains of New Hampshire. The incorporation of the major highway leading to the White Mountains has left many of the quintessential New England towns unchanged by history just a bit off the highway.

This combined with over 35 ponds and lakes ranging from 500 to 5000 acres each, means that the area between Rochester and the White Mountains is one of the most geographically intriguing places on the planet. The Area was born and shaped by extinct volcanoes; you’ll find great adventure just off the beaten path.

The affordable entry level pricing of vacation homes in this area continues to drive more and more four season tourism as summer beachfronts become snowmobile central or a quick trip to numerous ski mountains. From the Madison Boulder, to the New Hampshire Farm Museum and everywhere surrounding it, you find more opportunity for less money in greater Carroll County, New Hampshire. Discover this affordable monthly product and you’ll be in the Sweet Spot too.

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