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    Holiday Meals Are a Big Part of the Celebration

    Anyone who has been alone on a holiday knows how difficult it can be, and Thanksgiving is especially difficult for those who no longer have families to gather around, or those who have a difficult time putting food on the table. It was to help those people that, more than three decades ago, Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant offered its first Mae C. Hart Thanksgiving Dinner.

  • Remick, Hearthside, Small prep

    Remick Farm Celebrates Hearthside Thanksgiving

    The first opportunity for a festive feast is Thanksgiving — a time when family and friends join together to share food and conversation, memories and laughs.

  • Colorful glass beads by Grafton Glass. (Photo: Kathi Caldwell-Hopper)

    The Gift of Glass

    There is something magical about colorful glass. It catches the light; it brightens the home, it attracts the eye with myriad colors.

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