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  • Bottled Red Wine

    New Winery Opens in Lakes Region

    Wine lovers, rejoice! New Hampshire’s wine industry seems to be steadily growing, increasing from virtually nothing a few years ago to about 30 vineyards, wineries, and meaderies which are currently listed as members of the New Hampshire Wine Association. Considering our challengingly short, cool growing season, this growth is really amazing!

  • HikersQuilt

    It’s More About Community Than Hiking

    Trekking poles and backpacks are unnecessary when attending a meeting of The Hikers at Melvin Village’s Willing Workers Hall; in fact, such accessories would be out of place

  • Brian Stockman using his wood-carving tools in his home workshop.

    Carving Out A Life With Respect For Nature

    Brian Stockman would like to think that his artistry will bring people closer to the earth and restore a respect for tradition. His desire to live off the land and his revival of ancient crafts have combined for a life and career that are anything but traditional by today’s standards, but which are striking a chord in both rural New Hampshire and the state capital.

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