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  • Weirs Beach: Where the Cavalry Meets Queen Anne

    Story and photo by Barbara Neville Wilson After a beautiful ride around the top of the lake and that incredible “ahhh” moment as I crest the hill and see the panorama of Winnipesaukee ahead of me, I turn left at the iconic sign and enter Weirs Beach. The whole area looks brighter and bigger than […]

  • Memorial Day Parades Commemorate Those Who Served

      By Sarah Wright Memorial Day is a time when we remember the men and women who died for our country while serving in the armed forces. Many towns in the area mark the occasion with ceremonies and parades. Here are some of the local events planned for Memorial Day Monday (May 29). The annual […]

  • Day Tripping

    Recalling the Days of Summer Camp at the Museum of the White Mountains By Kathi Caldwell-Hopper “Camp is preparation for life, teaching how to find peace and understanding in order to play the game of life better in the surroundings in which modern man finds himself.” — Alcott Farrar Elwell, 1925   It was a […]

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