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    A Trip To Welton Falls in Alexandria

    Don’t be deterred by the sign the town has posted, stating that the two-plank bridge ahead of you is not maintained and you should proceed at your own risk. Just find a spot to park, and cross the bridge on foot.


    Ruggles Mine: A Unique Experience

    In the 19th century, mica was used in many household products. It was transparent and heat-resistant, so it was especially good for ship windows and windows on wood stoves. Later on, it was used as an electrical insulator, and today it’s used in things like asphalt roof shingles and even lipstick!

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    Camping Fun

    It started with an invitation to spend a few days camping. It was an innocent offer and Jane Thibeault and Don McIver of New Hampton were happy to take Jane’s son up on his invitation to join him in northern NH, although the couple had not been camping in years.

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