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  • lake-winnipesaukee-islands

    Those Winnipesaukee Islands!

    As spring approaches and the ice on the lakes melt away leaving open water, those with boats will be out and about. Anyone who has a boat or even a canoe or kayak may have passed a number of islands on Lake Winnipesaukee. Some are very well known such as Bear or Sleeper Island, but […]

  • IMG_6509

    Spider Web Gardens Gets Ready for Spring

    It’s been a tough winter for most of the country, but spring is the reward for our perseverance (and for keeping our sanity!). I’m longing to see those varying shades of green along the highway and the pops of color from crocuses, daffodils, and tulips.

  • g-2014-04-22-12-08-25

    Between the Seasons Lakes Region Events Abound

    If you have spring fever you are not alone. The harsh and long winter of 2014/15 created a certain amount of cabin fever and even snow lovers are ready and restless for warmer weather in the Lakes Region.

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