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    Ice Fishing Returns to the Lakes

    By Barbara Neville Wilson It’s been an unusual winter in the Lakes Region. Where ice usually starts forming in late December, the area was ice free right through the holidays. In fact, you may have seen photos of folks kayaking and paddle boarding during school break. Did you hear that one enterprising young man organized […]

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    Winter Carnivals Celebrate the Season!

    Winter is finally here in all its glory. The weather has turned blustery, and a blanket of white is all around us. But rather than hunker down and wait for spring, why not get outside and have some fun while enjoying the beautiful winter scenery? If you think there isn’t much to do, well, here are some great outdoor events that celebrate the winter season.

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    The Lure of the Mountains

    All it takes is a glimpse of the majestic White Mountains to become hooked on hiking. The mountains seem to rise up and beckon from the edge of Lake Winnipesaukee. The peaks roll on and on, enticing us to take to their trails and see for ourselves why the mountains are so incredibly popular with seasoned and beginning hikers.

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